The accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed. In a contract, performance is deemed to be the fulfillment of an obligation, in a manner that releases the performer from all liabilities under the contract Every organization has a set of overall preferred results that it wants to accomplish. The results might be implied to its members or explicitly conveyed to them. That is true, whether the organization is large or small. It is true for any of the parts of the organization that are working toward their own results, for example, a department, program, team or an individual in the organization. Each of these has a recurring set of activities -- a system -- aimed toward achieving its desired results In the context of performance management, the term "performance" means continually achieving the preferred results in a manner that is as effective and efficient as possible. Performance management reminds us that being busy is not the same as producing results. It reminds us that training, strong commitment and lots of hard work alone are not results. To sustain strong performance, all of the parts of the system must be closely integrated and aligned toward actively achieving the desired results. Only then can it be said that it is highly performing.


There is many resons to choose team app because there is very type of facility provide in team app for manage a team in an origination like attendance ,daily report as timesheet , employee salary slip ,bank statement ,all project on which he working and also there showing offer letter which is offer to employee and company policy and which type of benefits offer company to employee everything is transparent in team app . And team app is developed by high skills and well knowledge employee.


We have high skill developer who have excellent knowledge of PHP, larval, java, css etc programming languages and already we have done many project of our client which are web application ,web application and websites and also we have received good feedback from our client side for our work and products which we have deliver to our clients."

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Our mission is to develop a team in which we have high skills more experience employee and who can develop high quality software, mobile app, website and logo etc. with maximum functionality and security with thin time in estimated cost .

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Our vision we more popular in whole country with high rated for our work and what facility we provide to our client and user via our software developing team and develop maximum to maximum software and website in very year.






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